Seo Tutorial 2019

Seo Tutorial 2019

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As a business owner or manager you want to be near the top of Google. Many website owners are hesitant to use the search engine for their business, afraid that they will be ranked way down in Google. They are often impatient to get their message out to the public but are clueless when it comes to search engine optimization. Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can literally move your business to the top of the search results.

What Does Seo Mean

The problem is though it is nowhere near as simple as it may first appear. There are literally thousands of websites on the internet and if you are not near the top of the search results you are not near the top of the targeted market. This is because these websites are in fact competing with each other for the same targeted traffic.

In fact Google has a detailed algorithm that it uses to determine which websites are most relevant to a searcher. If you think that Google is some kind of a jungle, populated by hackers, dragons and other such bizarre creatures – think again.

In the wild, all kinds of creatures roam freely, including humans. In the Googlebot, Google’s answer to the internet, there are actually ‘bots’ that can ‘talk’ to humans. These bots are part of the search engine and are ‘crawl’ the websites to serve you.

The problem with ‘crawling’ is that the sites that make it to the top of the pages, are very rich in content – often more so than any human could write himself. This content is then ‘crawl’ to the other pages within the site, serving as a roadmap to all the other websites you may have visited.

This is where the ‘crawl’ aspect of the search engine comes into play. In order to get to the other pages of your website simply by scrolling, there are various SEO techniques that you may employ. These include Keyword Densities, and also Content Obfuscation.

The purpose of these is to make the content more visible to the search engine. The search engine will then determine whether or not the website is of use to its users, and therefore, ranking. There are many SEO techniques that can be used to hide the true purpose of the website. For example, you may have rich content, but you don’t want the search engine to rank your website because your users will likely use those same keywords to find other websites offering similar products.

In order to get to the other websites your users will likely use the keyword in your website in the title, in the meta description or in the description, and then click on the website to get back to your own website. This is because the website’s purpose is to get back to the original user who is looking for it, and the keywords are then being used to get to the other websites. The keywords are also being used to get to the website that is within the original search volume.